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Hubper is the new learning ecosystem. Create and connect knowledge & skills and make learning accessible and insightful, always and everywhere.


Your hub for online learning

Hubper makes it easy to create a hub for online learning within your organisation, without you losing any freedom to choose content and tools that suit you. We realise this in three steps:


Our author's tool makes it very easy to create content. Share knowledge through e-learning, knowledge training, micro-learning or make a learning playlist.


Use the knowledge of your own organisation, and connect this to the best sources and tools available. Compose your own learning ecosystem through our standard links with various sources, like videos, podcasts, HR platforms and various external learning apps.


Our learning analytics make learning more interactive and fun. They will show users what it is that they are good at and where there is still room for improvement. Managers get real time insight in the progression of learning projects.

Clever learning

Hubper uses data to make the learning process more efficient and fun. Our algorithm provides every user with learning analytics. This makes clear what goes well and where there is still room for improvement in your learning process.

Furthermore, clever trainings in our Brainpower app make sure that new knowledge is efficiently taken in and remembered.

You’re in good company

Over 100 companies already use Hubper to educate in the workplace, something to be really proud of!

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