Hi, we are Hubper!

A technology company that works on the best online learning solutions!

As humans we are continuously busy learning and discovering new things. At Hubper we find that extremely cool and we like to contribute to that process. We do this online, because we love learning and tech. Before we started Hubper in 2017, we gained a lot of experience in developing e-learning solutions in various industries. We discovered that e-learning platforms and technical solutions are often unnecessary complicated. Companies often use several applications and sources for their learning offer, without having complete freedom of use or an overview of their learning offer. This can be different.

That's why we started Hubper. We want to help organisations to learn in an easier and more clever way. We connect teaching materials and sources. We create an intuitive experience for users and contentmakers. Deploying data in clever ways is the central thread through the architecture of our solution. Useful learning analytics will make learning more easy, fun and interactive and will give managers valuable insights in the course of learning projects.

Our team has grown seriously in the meantime. We continuously work on the innovation of online learning together with our developers, educationalists, marketing & sales, all from the old bulb factory in Nijmegen!

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