What's New: December 2019

We've update the learning playlists!

Ivo Hopmans

There we are - at the end of 2019! What a year it's been. We look back at an awesome year, packed with new features. Even in our last month we've release some cool new updates.

🎉New Learning Playlist

In Hubper you can easily create learning paths with our learning playlist feature. Combine different kinds of activities, both online & offline. In this way you can create the best blended learning paths.

What's new?

We've updated the entire learning playlist interface and added some cool new features. This is what's new:

  • You now have a better, more beautiful overview off all the activities in the playlist and your progress
  • A clear overview of your deadline
  • Insights in the mandatory items
  • It's now possible to make activities accesible in time. So for instance in a onboarding playlist where you want a certain activity to be added in the second week.
  • You can add prerequisites based on progress, so that one needs to finish an activity before it can start with the next one.
  • Playlists for admins is now integrated in the authoring part of Hubper


LTI has had an update. It's now possible to update the progress from Hubper activities to other LMS platforms. With this update, the LTI integration in Hubper is now complete!

That was it! See you next month!

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