What does Hubper have to offer?

Hubper helps you to build your own e-learning modules in an easy way, curate your content and compose your own online academy. Check out our main features below.

The most important feature per role.

In order to provide you the best insight in what Hubper could do for you, we divided the features into three main roles. Click on a role and check out the most important corresponding features.

Content creator

Clever learning

Hubper helps you to learn in a clever and efficient way. We continuously measure what you already manage and where there is still room for improvement. In this way you only learn what you don't know yet.

We provide realtime insight in your personal development up to the smallest level. In this way, you will always have insight and you will see direct results!


On your personal dashboard you will have direct insight in all your learning activities, learning playlists and your training history. From your dashboard you can directly go to various learning activiteis, both Hubper activities and external activities.


Brainpower is our clever knowledge app! Measure and train your knowledge through answering questions. The algorithm of Brainpower adapts itself directly to your level of knowledge. This ensures both a faster learning process and you truly remembering what you have learned.

The best content

Search in the library for the best content. You will find various sorts of content; e-learning modules, clever knowledge trainings, videos and podcasts. In this way, there will always be something that suits you.

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